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Opting for a high-end asphalt shingle roof not only enhances the durability of your roof and the charm of your home’s exterior, but also the safety and comfort of everyone in your household.

For top-quality turnkey services, turn to TJ1 Toitures Inc. Our company has over 20 years of roofing renovation expertise and is dedicated to your satisfaction and peace of mind.



449 Rue Fernand Poitras, local 107

Terrebonne, QC

J6Y 1Y5

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(514) 531-7500

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  • Terrebonne
  • Laval
  • Mascouche
  • Mirabel
  • Rosemère
  • Blainville
  • Any other city on Montreal’s North Shore

           RBQ : 5710-8920-01